1. To contribute to the society by securig the quality and durability of concrete that is fundametal to infrastructures.  


2. To contribute to the creation of Low-Carbon Society and the conservation of the global environment by developing a technology to reduce industrial-wastes.  


3. To contribute to the improvements of local economies and societies through our technology developements and projects. 


Company Name: ZEROTECHNO Co., Ltd.

Founded: November 19, 2001 

Capital: \50,000,000

President and Representative Director: Hidetoshi Okada

Number of Directors: 3

Number of Employees: 6  

Head Office: 1-5-16 Suehiro-machi, Oita, 870-0027, Japan

Fukuoka Office: 1-4-7-212 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, 810-0073, Japan

Scope of Business

●Resarch and development of Hight-quality fly ash (CfFA).

●Technology development of production system of Hight-quality fly ash(CfFA)

●Resarch and development of Pulveraized Dry Sludge (PDS). 

●Technology development of production system of Pulveraized Dry Sludge (PDS). 

●Technology development of quality-control software system for concrete.


Patents (Japan)

Patent number: 4698043 

 Title of the invention: コンクリートスラッジ微粉末回収方法および装置

   (patnt on the method and system for producing Pulverized Dry Sludge )

Patent number: 4376097  

 Title of the invention: フレッシュコンクリートの単位水量早見表及び作成


   (patent on the quick chart and system for pesuming unit water content of 

    fresh concrete)

 *Four other patents related to CfFA

Trademarks (Japan)

● Registration number: 4515511 /  PDF

Registration number: 5135777 /  CfFA


NETIS Registrations

*NETIS: New Technology Information System of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism of Japan

● Registration number:QS-100005-A / CfFA

● Registration number:QS-110001-A / AQUA MANAGER II