High-quality Fly Ash (CfFA : Carbon-free Fly Ash)


High-quality Fly Ash (CfFA) is a new concrete admixture developed by ZEROTECHNO and Concrete Engineering Laboratoy (Prof. Yoshiaki Sato) in Oita University, Oita.  CfFA's LOI, an indication for carbon content, is 1.0% or less.  By mixing CfFA as a cement replacement in concrete, you can reduce water demand, improve workabilityreduce alkali silica reaction and promote the long-term strength development by it's pozzolanic reaction without affecting the fresh properties of concrete.


Fly ash is a by-product generated by burning finely ground coal to produce electricity. It has been long recognized as a fine concrete admixture, however, it has never been popular in Japan since the carbon content affects the fresh properties of concrete and makes the quality control very difficult. 


Now, our proprietary technology made it possible to reduce LOI of fly ash as low as 1.0% or less, thus, creating a truly fine concrete admixture, High-quality Fly Ash(CfFA).    


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